I got an email this evening from a company who’s newsletter I subscribe to and in it was an alert about flat panel manufacturer, Seiki Digital, and their newly released UltraHD/4K display. What sets Seiki’s UltraHD display apart from say Sony’s recently announced 50 and 60-inch models is its price of $1,299. That’s right, today the price of UltraHD/4K at the consumer level just hit below the belt at $1,299 for a 50-inch, edge-lit LED display.

The Seiki SE50UY04 is a 50-inch, UltraHD/4K native display featuring 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and a reported contrast ratio of 5,000:1, a refresh rate of 120Hz and a response time of 6.5ms all for $1,299. It even comes with free shipping from retailer Tiger Direct, whom is an authorized Seiki retailer. The SE50UY04 has 3 HDMI inputs along with inputs for VGA (15-pin, D-Sub), component (x1), composite video and analog audio. Outputs include a digital coaxial out as well as headphone jack (3.5mm mini jack). The SE50UY04 has two built-in speakers though no Wattage information was given. Dimension of the SE50UY04 are 44.8 inches wide by 26.65 inches tall and 2.09 inches deep without its included stand. Taking its table stand into consideration increases the display’s depth to 9.84 inches. Weight is listed at 52.9 pounds.

Not much else is known about this display (or frankly the company Seiki), suffice to say the barrier to entry for UltraHD/4K now rests at just under $1,300. Quite a drop considering that less than six months ago the only UltraHD/4K set on the market cost $25,000! I’ve always maintained that regardless of the differences between UltraHD/4K and HD, one surefire way to get folks to adapt to a new technology or format is make it easy and affordable for them to do so. Say what you will about Seiki, but there are plenty of people who might pop for UltraHD/4K out of curiosity if it only costs them as much as a Vizio.

I’ve already reached out to Seiki to see if I can’t procure a review sample. Stay tuned…

See the Seiki SE50UY04 for yourself at Tiger Direct.


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  • Donny Purych

    You were right about the articles coming fast and furious . Does seiki make a 70 inch ? That would be nice.

  • http://twitter.com/ARobinsonOnline Andrew Robinson

    So far I’ve only been alerted to the 50-inch. The display is so new that it isn’t even on Seiki’s site yet. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to speak to someone at Seiki and arrange for a full review.

    How do you like my site so far?

  • Donny Purych

    So far so good. I like the frequency of articles. ideally i would like to see 2-4 reviews of equipment each week. Maybe have a poll for the piece of equipment that the readers want to see you review. THat way say once every 3-4 months we feel that we have input. If we want to see a review on JTR speakers or the Wyred4sound amp, etc.

    Any chance of having say an “Equipment Corner ” section where we ask you questions about equipment and home theater stuff and you reply for everyone to see. Their are other places for forums for us to talk amongst ourselves. If you had that section I would ask something like

    “Tekton and Zu audio have speakers with 10″ drivers for lows and mids and people on forums who claim to be audio engineers say thats a flawed design from the start. Their theme is that only lows should ever come from a 10″ or bigger speaker. They trash the Pendragon without even hearing it. You don’t often rate speakers from technical specs and their flat response (Like the secrets of home theater do). Is Tekton doing something flawed or is the pro driver he is using changing the science ”

    I don’t know much about the science behind speakers. I just know the tektons sound good to me. Just a few ideas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kibwe.huffman Kibwe Huffman

    Hey andrew when are you going to review the rest of the EMPTEK line up line, such as the towers, center and dual 10 inch sub? Also are you going to be reviewing the sonus faber venere towers……I starting to hear talk of them being some of if not the best sounding towers under 3k?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kibwe.huffman Kibwe Huffman

    I also love the frequent updates and reviews on this site keep up the good work

  • http://twitter.com/ARobinsonOnline Andrew Robinson

    I’ll look into both. I do have another EMP Tek review in the works, but the speakers haven’t arrived yet…

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.traeye Christopher Traeye

    Hopefully the prices for 4k projectors will drop just as fast.

  • http://twitter.com/ARobinsonOnline Andrew Robinson

    I believe they might. If they drop as quickly as flat panels do then some of the true value of 4K might be able to be appreciated.


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