Mission Statement


I have always wanted to have my own outlet in order to discuss many of the topics that interest me day-to-day. I wanted this outlet to be personal but also unique and separate from my other online ventures. Andrew-Robinson-Online.com is that outlet.

But what is Andrew-Robinson-Online.com? Is it a review site? Is it a consumer electronics site? Or is it a film website? The answer is, it’s all of the above and more. The reason I decided to call the site Andrew-Robinson-Online.com had nothing to do with ego, but rather clarity. As a technical journalist, filmmaker and general nerd, my everyday interests span beyond mere home theater or the like. By choosing to have the site bare my name, it (my website) would never be boxed in and encompass any one topic or genre. If tomorrow I decided to write about an experience I had while walking my dog, well, I could, for it was of interest to me and thus hopefully to you. Moreover, having been somewhat of a semi-public figure for the past 10 or so years, I wanted it to be crystal clear who’s thoughts, opinions and such were being expressed. Mine. Does that make the thoughts, opinions and what not expressed here infallible? No, not at all. It makes them human. Therefore Andrew-Robinson-Online.com -like myself -is an ongoing and evolving project.

Will Andrew-Robinson-Online.com discuss topics pertaining to home theater given my affiliation(s) with other such publications elsewhere? Yes, yes it will. But rather than talk about home theater through the lens of mere reviews -though I’ll occasionally have those too – I want to broaden the scope of the discussion and thus hopefully enhance the dialog. It is my personal opinion that while reviews are an important part of the consumer electronics ecosystem, ideas, concepts and honest two-way discourse are equally important. Reviews are notoriously one-sided, where a person shares with you their opinion, often without a great deal of context, and then moves on. Sometimes there is a back and forth that results from the publication of a review, but more often than not, the review is heaped upon the populace and then dismissed. A review of a product or service can be good, even helpful, but only if the broader context is understood by the reader (and the reviewer). It is that knowledge that I want to focus on. Also, many review-oriented publications are often genre specific, meaning they tackle but once concept, which is something I want to avoid here on Andrew-Robinson-Online.com.

I believe everything to do with technology and film is connected, and rather than focus on but one aspect of the chain -i.e. home exhibition -I want to try and bring you a more complete story. This is why I will often talk about topics that many may see as being more pro or non-consumer technology oriented. This is also why in the very near future I will be sharing with you the ins and outs of the making of a feature film itself.

I’ve joked in the past that in order to make a truly independent film I had to start my own website. It’s not really a joke, for it’s what I did or am doing. By being able to take you through the process of making a film from start to finish, while at the same time discussing the various pro and consumer technologies related to making movies and their exhibition, I hope to give you the most comprehensive story and look at how your personal interests play a role in the larger technological picture. So if you’re a home theater fanatic, by following along I hope to bring you content that not only helps you to better your viewing experience but also gain greater understanding as to why you experience things the way that you do. I also hope to serve as your point of reference as you and I will be creating something together that you then will able to as a tool and a guide to better judge and evaluate future ideas, concepts and technologies for yourself.

Confused yet?

Over time I think everything I’ve just described will make more sense. For now, I will make you this promise; while I don’t claim to know everything about everything, nor do I consider myself an expert in any capacity, the content you read here on my site will be nothing if not 100-percent honest and objective. And while it may sometimes require revising due to changing opinions and/or technology, I will always “level” with you and tell you what I feel is most important rather than inundate you with hyperbole. There will also be no right or wrong on this site. High end or low. Just good, honest information aimed at promoting not only respectful and friendly discussion, but also an open minded one. This is my solemn promise to you.