Should You Even Bother With Surround Sound?

If you read specialty AV magazines the concept of having a surround sound system in one’s home is likely going to seem commonplace. In the “real world,” surround sound seems to be anything but. So the question I ask is; should indie filmmakers -okay, consumers -even bother with surround sound? I explain why I feel there may be an argument against surround sound in my latest post.

Save Your TV

It still surprises me just how many people will spend money hand over fist on a new display in hopes of achieving a better image, when in reality the better image they were after was likely right under their nose the whole time. How can that be? I explain how calibration can not only save you money, but perhaps your so-called aging TV in my latest post.

Don’t measure your life or your success using someone else’s ruler.

— Joe Wilson

REVIEW – Elite Screens’ DarkStar Projection Screen

REVIEW – Elite Screens’ DarkStar Projection Screen

Project: Havoc

Despite all the advancements in technology and know-how we think we possess, film making is still very much a human endeavor, and not a solo one. My new film, Havoc, exists only on the page and in my mind, but with your help we can make it a reality. I explain how you can get involved in this process, in my latest post.

Less is More – Why Giant Displays May Be Living on Borrowed Time

Despite the news that the average household HDTV size grew by 2 whole inches in 2013, signs still point to the future of display technology being smaller, not larger. Who do we have to thank? Millennials -aka your children. I look into how Millennials are influencing the future of the audio video industry and why that isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my latest post.

No One Wants (To Pay For) 4K

I conducted a small poll of die-hard, specialty AV enthusiasts regarding 4K and found the results to be rather surprising, if not a little alarming. Find out what the results could mean for the new would be king of video in my latest post.

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